Updated Covid Protocols

We will continue to ask that all players and families err on the side of caution and keep their players home when sick. Any player or family member is who is diagnosed with covid or has a covid-positive member in their immediate family is required to comply with any health department required isolations and quarantines. Do not attend any team events during any required isolation or quarantine or within 10 days of a positive Covid test for your player or anyone within your immediate household. If SYHC or OBM finds out that players have not complied as required there could be penalties including loss of playtime or use of rink facilities.

Please be smart and continue to stay home when sick, social distance as needed, mask as you see appropriate and use the locker room safely. Players are encouraged to still dress at home if they prefer, and spread out as much as possible in locker room. At this time there are no specific health department mandated actions for us at the rink, but as situations change so may the rink and health department rules. Please be aware of changes. We expect full compliance because we all want the same thing, a successful season for all of our players and teams. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out.

Read the full guidelines here