Payment Plan Information

How do Payment Plans Work?

Payment plans are only available for parents who have a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). When a parent registers their player, the parent will be given the option of Pay in Full or a Payment Plan at the end of the Registration. A nonrefundable tryout fee is charged to the parent's credit card at registration - the initial payment and monthly charges will be shown on the payment page. Then each month an automatic charge is made to the credit card given as part of registration until the full fee is paid. Provided the credit card has an adequate credit limit and the credit card remains active, the parent should not have to do anything after completing the initial registration.

Payment Plan Additional Costs

The costs for transaction fees have already been factored into the assessment total. There is no discounting for playing in full or early registration. See Discounts below.

Missed Payments

If you miss a payment an email notification will be sent to the email used at registration. It is the responsibility of the parent to update their credit card information on the website and authorize a reattempt (instructions). If the family needs alternative financial arrangements, you must contact the SYHC Treasurer. Missed payments will be assessed a late fee and auto-recharged after 15 days. See Late Fees below.

Late Fees

SYHC provides a 15-day grace period for failed payments. After 15 days we will attempt to recharge the credit card on file for the installment amount due plus a $25 late fee. If you need to change your credit card see this page for detailed instructions.

Payment Plan Example 

For Example, for an assessment of $1300 (actual assessment dues vary per age division, - your exact monthly charges are shown on the payment page)

$100 nonrefundable tryout fee is due at registration checkout ($1200 remining)

1st installment due on 6/01 is $1200/5 = $240, remainder owed is $960

2nd payment on 7/01 is $1200/5 = $240, remainder owed is $720

3rd payment on 8/01 is $1200/5 = $240, remainder owed is $480

4th payment on 9/01 is $1200/5 = $240, remainder owed is $240

5th payment on 10/01 is $1200/5 = $240, remainder owed is $0

NOTE: Players who are registered in July will make one payment in July at registration, then will have 3 payments on 8/1, 9/1, 10/1.

The SYHC Policy on payment is all payments are complete by 11/30 inclusive of makeup payments.

Payment Plan Additional Information

  1. Families with multiple children on payment plans will see multiple credit card charges every month - one per child. Families may elect to pay for each child with a different method (online in full by credit card or by payment plan).
  2. Payment dates can be adjusted for families who need to make their payments on date other than the 1st of the month. Register your child and make the initial payment, then contact the Treasurer at to make arrangements for a different monthly date for payments.

Can the webmaster change the amount of money a person owes after they register for a payment plan?

Yes. The webmaster can request Crossbar change the dates of payments or cancel all future payment plans in any order that has a payment plan but can’t change the amount owed. ALL payments MUST be complete by 11/30. When a person registers for a payment plan, they are reentering into a payment agreement. In the case that a parent requests SYHC cancel future payments in the plan, the remaining balance would be due immediately or the child will be removed from the ice.

What happens when a payment fails to process?

The parent who has an email address attached to the player will be emailed.  If the registrant fails to deal with the situation in a timely fashion, then the payment plan will be cancelled and any remaining balance due immediately. Contact for processes to follow if the player wishes to pay the balance in full.

What if one parent is paying half and another parent is paying half or there are other special family circumstances?

This situation would not be eligible for a payment plan but SYHC will work with the parents to figure out how to make split payments happen. Offline split payments will require both parents to sign a payment agreement and parents must have a history of paying on time. As an organization run by volunteers, SYHC will not spend time chasing parents for payment. Contact

Does SYHC offer any discounts or scholarships?

SYHC does not offer any discounted rates including multiple players, good grades, payment in full or early registration. The only scholarship available is via hardship credit. This must be approved by the board. You can explore applying for this benefit by contacting

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