Request a Game Change


Process Overview

Requesting coach (before grace period) or Requesting Head of Program (after grace period) must send an e-mail to opposing coach (before grace period) or opposing Head of Program (after grace period) notifying him/her of the game change particulars (i.e., new date/time/rink).

The opposing coach or Head of program must forward that request to with their approval of the game change. Once the CSHL receives the forwarded e-mail, they will make the change in the ArbiterSports referee assigning website and also on the CSHL website.

When I have made the requested change in both websites, the CSHL will send a reply to all (and cc Chris Kendel – if it is after the grace period for the processing of the game change fee) stating that the changes have been made.

The e-mail from the requesting coach or Head of Program must follow the following protocol or it will be returned, and no changes will be made until a corrected e-mail is received.


Requesting coach/Head of Program:

(start by emailing the opposing head coach or head of program)

  1. Subject Line – Game number/Date/Time
  2. Email Body – New date, new time (AM/PM), new rink
  3. Your information (i.e., Coach/Head of Program - Name, Organization [Strongsville], team number, phone number)

Opposing Coach/Head of Program:

(forward to

  1. Don’t modify the subject line
  2. In the body of the email write “I approve the change”
  3. Also include your Club's information (i.e., Coach/Head of Program – Name, organization, team number, phone number)
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