Game Day Duties

Parent Volunteers

Once the pre-season/season begins the Team Manager will also be responsible for scheduling the following volunteers for every HOME game:

  1. Scoreboard/Clock Operator
  2. Scorekeeper
  3. Penalty Box Attendant 

For every AWAY game your team will only need to provide a penalty box attendant

Temporary/Alternate Team Manager

If a circumstance arises where the Team Manager and/or his/her skater will not be at a game, another parent can step into this role temporarily, or a member of the coaching staff may handle the game day duties.


Use “sign up genius” to gather volunteers for each game for the whole season, send reminder emails prior to games.

Optional Roles:

- Music DJ

- Team Photographer

- Announcer

Running the Clock

How to use the scoreboard at OBM Arena

Scoresheet Roster Stickers

To the right are Avery templates that you may download and use for your team. Some Tournament requires up to three (3) labels per game. You are not required to use this format. 

Any 2" x 4" labels work well.

Filling out a Scoresheet

Before each game: the Team Manager will meet with the other team's manager prior to each HOME OR AWAY game to complete the other half of the scoresheet.

After each HOME game: the Team Manager will be responsible for forwarding the scoresheet from every HOME game to the CSHL and collecting our copy of the scoresheet from AWAY games and maintaining these records in the Team Binder.

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