Understanding Preseason

For those that are new to SYHC, here a quick primer over how the scheduling process works. Our club (SYHC) purchases ice for all of our teams. Our ice scheduler schedules all practice and scrimmage ice.

Each team’s head coach attends our league (Cleveland Suburban Hockey League, or CSHL) scheduling meetings for pre-season and regular season where they schedule their team’s games for that part of the season. Each of our squirt, peewee & bantam teams will play a 4-8 game preseason schedule which will help determine which bracket their team will place in, and where they will play their regular season schedule.

Preseason has been a valuable time to help more accurately place teams. The more games a team plays during preseason, generally the more accurate their regular season placement. We hope to have our top teams in each division place AA or A1, and other teams in a range of other skills brackets to provide the right playing options for all of our skaters. 

Important Dates

09/12/21    Preseason Scheduling 

09/23/21    Preseason Play Begins

10/24/21    Preseason Play Ends

10/28/21    Final Team Placement