Spring Tryouts

SYHC placement sessions are coming soon and we want to give you some more information about timing and what to expect. Your player’s tryout schedule has been loaded into Crossbar for you. It is critical that you download this app as it contains your calendar and will be our primary method of communication during this busy week. When you login to the app, you will see the age division you have been assigned to as well as other players joining us this season.

Each player will be evaluated over the course of three evenings. If a player can not make their specific age skills evaluation session, please email or reach out via telegram instant message so we can make arrangements for your child to attend one of our other evaluation sessions. It is critical for your player to attend as many evaluation sessions as possible as they can only be evaluated on the sessions that they attend. Please make every effort to attend the sessions that your player has been assigned to.

If you are new to SYHC or hockey beyond the mite level, we know you will have questions. We will have parent meetings each night to update you on what to expect from the process as well as to answer questions as they come up. In the meantime, please email or reach out via telegram instant message to ask questions.


DAY DATE 5:00-7:00 PM 7:00-9:00 PM
Monday 4/26/2021 SQ skills BT skills
Tuesday 4/27/2021 SQ small scrim PW skills
Wednesday 4/28/2021 SQ full ice BT small scrim
Thursday 4/29/2021 PW small scrim BT full ice
Friday 4/30/2021 PW full ice --


Time Trials & Skills

  • Each age division will be broken into two groups, early and late sessions. Look at the website team schedule for information on which session to attend.
  • Do not “no show” without reaching out. Please use the button below and let us know.
  • All Goalies will attend the same session . A zone will be dedicated to goalie evaluation.
  • 45 minutes has been allotted for each session. If need be we can extend each session by 5 – 10 minutes.

Squirts (Monday)

All Goalies attend at 6pm. 

Skaters with last name A-M have 5pm-5:45pm ice (early session)

Skaters with last name N-Z have 6pm-6:45pm ice (late session)

Peewees (Tuesday)

All Goalies attend at 7pm. 

Skaters with last name A-H have 7pm-7:45pm ice (early session)

Skaters with last name I-Z have 8pm-8:45pm ice (late session)

Bantams (Monday)

All Goalies attend at 7pm. 

Skaters with last name A-H have 7pm-7:45pm ice (early session)

Skaters with last name I-Z have 8pm-8:45pm ice (late session)

DAYS 2 & 3

Game Play

  • At the end of each skills session the player evaluation data will be recorded. From this data we will break the next day’s game sessions by splitting the players into two groups matching similar skill and ability. An email will be sent to all players the night before Indicating whether to attend the early or late session the following day.
  • If you are attending the early session you need to be prepared to stay on and attend all or a portion of the late session immediately following. 
  • Each session will last 45 minutes. If need be we will extend a session 5 or 10 minutes.

COVID-19 Special Procedures

  • Registration tables will open 30 minutes before each session
  • Temperature checks will happen before players are cleared to move into the locker rooms. If you have a fever, feeling unwell, or fail the risk checklist, you will be asked to leave for that day
  • Players will be asked to wear a mask when inside the building and in the common areas. A mask must be worn at entry and exit for all people. Masks are not recommended on the ice per WHO guidelines. Players may wear a mask under their helmet but it is not encouraged.
  • Each player will receive a tryout jersey that they should wear each day. We will not be recycling them, they are yours to keep.
  • Many locker rooms will be available for you to choose from. Select one that looks least crowded and place a hockey stick lengthwise between you and the nearest player.
  • Only one parent may come inside to help with onsite sign-in and equipment. Parents may stay no longer than 15 minutes or the time required to help their player get dressed. A mask will be required at all times while indoors.
  • Brightly colored floor-tape will be used to mark ‘lanes’ and the general flow of traffic from locker rooms, on and off the ice.
  • Only so many players will be allowed on the ice at a time. When off-ice and waiting, players must practice social distance and attempt to keep 6 ft between themselves and others. Where possible, floor markers will be used to assist where to stand.

It’s not mandatory to dress at home but certainly encouraged to arrive with as much equipment on as feasible. Best practice is to use a disinfectant spray between ice sessions on all equipment and the bag itself.

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