COACHING & Volunteering 

We are a parent run organization. Everyone has a role.

Off Ice Volunteers

USA Hockey Registration ⤻

This online form takes less than five minutes to complete. Upon checkout you will receive a Confirmation Number. You will need to enter this number in the next step.
Due Annually  (Coaches - $51, Managers & others - Free)

SYHC Volunteer Registration ⤻

Another quick online form that places helps us track your progress. If needed  for your role, this will also get you placed onto a team roster. Be sure to enter the Confirmation Number you get from the step above.
Due Annually  (free)

Background Check ⤻

Every person who interacts with players needs a background screening.  This takes about 10 minutes to complete online. You will need to use a credit card for a $30 processing fee. This expense is reimbursable using this form.
Due every 2 years  ($30 reimbursable)

SafeSport Training ⤻

SafeSport training help you recognize if an athlete is being abused. Most importantly, you will learn how to prevent this from happening or how to respond and help if the abuse has already happened.

It takes about 1-2 hours, all on-line. The Refresher Course takes 30 minutes or less to complete. Must be taken every year (however, anyone who completed training in 2018-19 will retain valid training status for 2019-20 and will complete annual training beginning in 2020-21).

A person must first take the course known as “Core Center for SafeSport Training,” which is taken online. After that a “Refresher Course” is available each subsequent year for a person that has completed the CoreCenter for SafeSport Training.
Due Annually  (free)


If you are a coach, helping a coach, or are routinely on the ice, you need to complete everything in the first column as well as the following:

USAH Coaching Education Program 

Find, register and attend the required certification clinic. A coach must enter CEP at level 1 and must continue his/her education with a coaching clinic every year until s/he achieves level 3.

A coach may attend only one CEP per year. Once level 3 is achieved, a coach can renew level 3 every 2 years for 6 years, then must progress to level 4. Once level 4 is achieved, no further certification is necessary.

It takes approximately 6-7 hours, of which 1-2 are on-ice. The coaching clinic season for Levels 1-3 officially runs from September 1 to December 31.
Due Annually  ($60)

USAH Online Age Specific Training 

Complete the online age-specific modules for the age level of play you are coaching (i.e., 10U, 12U, 14U). The online modules are available from Sep-1 thru Dec-31. It takes approximately 6-7 hours, all on-line.
No Expiration  ($10 per module)

Ohio Concussion Training Module

It takes about 30 minutes, all on-line.
Due every 3 years  (Free)