📳 COVID-19 Mass Communication

Our sports management app, TeamSnap, is awesome for intra-team communications and organization. However,  the best they offer for Clubwide communication are email blasts. As you know, not everyone reads or even receives email. In a world where things are changing literally day-by day, we have to do better.


We have selected a messaging app that preserves your privacy, is not owned by Facebook, and offers some great group messaging features that we plan on using, like polls. We are going to be more chatty this season, we need to be, and this is the tool we will use to communicate with the whole SYHC community. In fact, your coaches are already using this tool.



    1) Download the app in your phone's app store 
    2) Verify your phone number (no passwords needed) 
    3) Click join below to subscribe to our channel.