What to expect at OBM

There are a number of changes  you can expect to see as we return to the ice. It is likely that additional changes will happen throughout the season. Below are the current procedures as of the week of:
September 21, 2020


Anyone (e.g., player, parent, sibling, coach, spectator)
with a risk factor or illness should not attend in-person trainings, 
ice sessions or any SYHC related events.

Per the Health Dept, Failure to comply with the directives listed below may result in a personal fine of $750.00 per incident or up to 90 days in Jail (ORC 3701.352). The Health Department has access to all security camera footage of OBM Arena upon request.
SYHC will not cover fines. Teams and/or individual players will be required to make restitution


  • No outside food is allowed in the facility at any time for any reason
  • You may enter the rink 15 minutes before your scheduled ice time
  • Spectators up to 4 members of the same family and they must sit together socially distancing from other families
  • No one is permitted to stand or observe from the glass
  • You must enter through the front door and exit through the East Rink
  • If you are age 10 or older you must always wear a face mask in the facility unless you are on the ice
  • You must always maintain social distancing practices
  • Do not move tables/chairs in the gallery/bar/café
  • Do not linger in the facility when your event is over
  • If you have any symptoms listed on the COVID Symptom checker, you are not permitted in the building
  • Use the hand sanitizing stations mounted on the walls all over the facility


  • Must complete ODH COVID 19 Training and sign attestation sheet for your compliance file.
  • You must wear a face covering while in the building, masks are optional on the ice
  • You must assess your team / student for COVID symptoms prior to taking the ice
  • Any player/student that presents with symptoms are not able to take the ice
  • Maintain player social distancing on bench as much as possible
  • Maintain 1 stick length between players in drill queues
  • If a player begins to feel ill during practice they should tell the nearest on-ice volunteer and immediately exit the building
  • Coaches must notify the facility compliance officer of all COVID positive tests for players/students/coaches/assistant coaches


  • No changing in the lobby or common areas. All players must use assigned locker room
  • No Food in the locker room
  • Bring your own full water bottle and do not share it
  • Your coach will evaluate for COVID Symptoms
  • Do not take the ice you have any of the COVID SYMPTOMS
  • Maintain player social distancing on bench as much as possible.
  • Maintain 1 stick length between player in front of you in drill lines
  • If a player begins to feel ill during practice they should tell the nearest on-ice volunteer and immediately exit the building
  • Players or immediate household members confirmed with COVID-19 are to notify the SYHC Registrar and self-quarantine


  • No standing / observing skater along the glass
  • Spectators must socially distance and remain in one of the following areas: Arena Stands/Café/Bar/Gallery
  • You are not permitted to move tables and chairs
  • You must remain seated while consuming alcoholic beverages


  • All Staff will be evaluated for COVID symptoms at start of shift.
  • Staff will be sent home if they have any of the COVID SYMPTOMS
  • Common areas of the building will be sanitized hourly
  • OBM Arena Staff will enforce all current COVID policies
  • Traffic flow patterns are clearly marked
  • Social distance floor markers are in place for lines at Café, Skate rental and front desk
  • Social distance markers have been placed on bleachers
  • The facility will maintain sanitization records
  • The facility will maintain attestation of coach compliance for responsible restart video completion
  • Locker rooms will be sanitized after each use
  • All staff must wear a mask
  • All staff are encouraged to use hand sanitizer stations frequently


It’s not mandatory to dress at home but certainly fine if you prefer. Best practice is to use a disinfectant spray between ice sessions on all equipment and the bag itself.