What to expect at OBM

There are a number of changes  you can expect to see as we return to the ice. It is likely that additional changes will happen throughout the season. Below are the current procedures as of the week of:
August 1, 2020


Anyone (e.g., player, parent, sibling, coach, spectator)
with a risk factor or illness should not attend in-person trainings, 
ice sessions or any SYHC related events.



  • State issued social distance requirements will at times limit the number of people allowed on the ice at a time. This number can change based on context and on one activities as well in general as part of ongoing revisions to health orders and guidelines.
  • You cant enter the building until 15 minutes before your scheduled ice time.
  • Stretching should be completed outside before entering
  • All the locker rooms will have doors propped open. Please leave your valuables in the car.
  • No showers or use of the locker room bathrooms. These spaces are locked.
  • No spitting or “clearing your nose” (in or out of the rink)
  • There is absolutely NO FOOD allowed in the building.
  • Players should keep a hockey stick distance between them and the nearest player while in the locker rooms.
  • All players should bring their own labeled water bottle, and water bottles must not be shared.
  • Entrance and exits for OBM are different allowing for a 1-way flow of traffic. Follow the exit and entrance signs posted in the rink. If it says exit only – and the entrance is blocked that means you are not able to enter. Please do not just walk around the sign.
  • When on ice, the players that are waiting on the boards for a drill need to practice social distance a remain a stick length apart.
  • The cafe will be open for gatorade, water and pre-packaged snacks, however the the grill will not be available.
  • Vending machines will be open, and like all surfaces and touch-points, are cleaned every 2 hours
  • Please limit one parent to player in the building; wear a mask; and remain 6 ft from other people.
  • Players need to wear to enter and exit the building as well as when in the common areas. If is not advised to wear a mask during on-ice activities.
  • Coaches and on-ice volunteers must wear a mask at all times.
  • Before getting on the ice, coaches will read players a symptom and risk checklist and ask any player answering yes to any of the criteria to raise their hand. That person will then be excused from practice that day.
  • If a player begins to feel ill during practice they should tell the nearest on-ice volunteer and immediately exit the building.
  • Coaches will be responsible for requiring players exhibiting signs and symptoms of sickness to exit the ice.
  • Players or immediate household members confirmed with COVID-19 are to notify the SYHC Registrar and self-quarantine.
  • If players or their immediate household members travels to, or hosts persons from, a State with a positivity number of 15% or greater must self-quarantine for 14 days before returning to SYHC sponsored activities. As of the week of August 1st this includes:
    • From the Week of August 1
      • Florida
      • Alabama
      • Mississippi
      • South Carolina
      • Arizona
      • Kansas
      • Idaho
    • From the Week of July 22
      • Alabama
      • Arizona
      • Florida
      • Georgia
      • Idaho
      • Mississippi
      • Nevada
      • Puerto Rico
      • South Carolina
      • Texas
It’s not mandatory to dress at home but certainly fine if you prefer. Best practice is to use a disinfectant spray between ice sessions on all equipment and the bag itself.