Mindy Wahl [P], Sandra Thompson [VP], Zak Gryzlo [S] (virtual), Dan Cardenas [T], Gio O’Toole [14U], Bryan Conway [12U], Kelly Hollis [10U], Erin Fronek [8U], Bill Miller [ICE], Tiffany Cardenas [REG], Eric Wahl [IT]


Wahl Residence, Strongsville Ohio
(social distance observed)

Ice Scheduling

  • The number of ice sheets booked for the 2020-2021 season was based on the number of teams registered for the 2019-2020 season.
  • Average number of sheets per week = 9
  • Weekend sheets booked for league games

Current player registration

  • There were 3-4 players that will not be returning due to COVID-19
  • Level Breakdown
    • Squirts = 46 registered players = 3 possible teams
    • Peewee = 52 registered players = 3 possible teams
    • Bantam = 34 registered players = 2 possible teams


  • The club has reserved ice sheets for 7/30, 8/6, and 8/9 for tune-up skates prior to tryouts.
    • We are anticipating limited capacity per sessions so a sign-up sheet will be used. Mindy has already communicated this with the club families.
    • Cory will be determining the coaches that will be used for these sessions.
  • Waiting to hear from Cory on the desired format of tryouts. With CSHL following the OHSAA guidelines for COVID-19, we need a few options to format in the event we are extremely limited on the number of individuals on the ice (current capacity is 20 individuals)
  • Once format is determined, then a plan can be created for the tryout jersey procedures.
  • Every player, coach, and sibling assistant is required to have a valid USA Hockey number before they can be on the ice. This too has been communicated to all families within the club by Mindy.
  • OBM is working to create a tailgate party during the tryouts to allow for social distancing and keeping as many people out of the rink as possible.

Outstanding tasks

  1. Finalize the COVID-19 waiver prior to tryouts.
  2. Determine if we need to develop a refund scheduled based on a percentage of completion to the season. Do we refund if concern or hardship is raised due to the virus or is it based solely on whether the season continues?
  3. Need to plan and order the food and beverages for the tryout evaluators and workers.

Confirmed decisions

  1. Marcus Kane will be receiving the $650 for his volunteering efforts at Nationals. This money is to be used for team tournaments and/or activities. No Dissenters.
  2. A tryout jersey charge will be added to the 2021-2022 season registration fees. Players will be issued a tryout/practice jersey. No Dissenters.
  3. The Telegram app will be replacing Chat as the communication app for the Board members. No Dissenters.