Each player will be evaluated over the course of three evenings. It is critical for your player to attend as many evaluation sessions as possible as they can only be evaluated on the sessions that they attend. Please make every effort to attend the sessions that your player has been assigned to.

If you are new to our Club or upper-level hockey we know you will have questions. We will have parent meetings each night to update you on what to expect from the process as well as to answer questions as they come up. If you have questions now please email . You must be registered to take part in these evaluation sessions.




  • Each age division will be broken into two groups, Green and Blue. This will be done alphabetically for the first evening. You will learn what group you are in no later than the night before. Please be ready to attend either time slot, however if you can only make one of them, you must let us know.
  • Do not “no show” without letting us know. Please send your message to or call us at 216-925-4500.
  • Goalies will also be broken into two sessions. A zone will be dedicated to goalie evaluation at each session.
  • 45 minutes has been allotted for each session. If need be we can extend each session by 5 – 10 minutes.




  • At the end of each skills session the player evaluation data will be recorded. From this data we will break the next day game sessions by splitting the players into two groups by matching similar skill and ability designated by the colors Green and Blue.
  • The Green group will take the early time slot.  At the end of the first session, evaluators may ask certain players to stay over and attend the the Black session. If you are attending the Green session you need to be prepared to stay on and attend the Black session immediately following.
  • After the Black session, the hockey director and evaluators will review each player based on their performance for the day. Notifications will go out each night informing you if you are Green or Black for the following day.
    With smaller benches each session will be 45 minutes. On average each team will have two lines. This will give the evaluators plenty of opportunity to see each player.
    If need be we will extend a session 5 or 10 minutes.



Date Time Format Division
Sunday, May 5th 1:40 PM Skills Squirts A-M (10U)
2:50 PM Skills Squirts N-Z (10U)
4:00 PM Skills Bantams A-M (14U)
5:10 PM Skills Bantams N-Z (14U)
Tuesday, May 7th 5:30 PM Skills Peewee A-H (12U)  *updated
6:40 PM Skills Peewee I-Z (12U)  *updated
7:50 PM Game Play Bantams Green (14U)
9:00 PM Game Play Bantams Black (14U)
Wednesday, May 8th 5:30 PM Game Play Squirts Green (10U)
6:40 PM Game Play Squirts Black (10U)
7:50 PM Game Play Peewee Green (12U)
9:00 PM Game Play Peewee Black (12U)
Thursday, May 9th 5:30 PM Game Play Peewee Green (12U)
6:40 PM Game Play Peewee Black (12U)
7:50 PM Game Play Bantams Green (14U)
9:00 PM Game Play Bantams Black (14U)
Friday, May 10th 6:00 PM Game Play Squirts Green (10U)
7:10 PM Game Play Squirts Black (10U)